Safulak Art Village•Year 2003 Art Activity

  Note: [E]-Exhibition, [P]-Performance, [A]-Activity, [R]-Residency  
LEE Yein-Shyang "Spring" 56×38cm Printmaking Workshop
  [E] [print making] Yearly Topic Exhibition~3/6: " Lee Yein-Shyang Solo Exhibition" 12/04~12/28  
      at Safulak Art Gallery & Cafe  
  [A] [workshop] "Printmaking Workshop" 12/13 (Saturday) Class1: 1PM~2:30PM Class2: 3PM~4:30PM  
  [P] [guitar] "Safulak Night" by David Chen 12/14 & 12/21 (Sunday) 6:00PM at Safulak Cafe  
SU Yuan-Ming 10F TSENG Mei-She lithograph
  [E] [oil painting] "Su Yuan-Ming Solo Exhibition" 11/04~11/30 at Safulak Cafe  
    [print making] Yearly Topic Exhibition~2/6: "Tseng Mei-She" 11/04~11/30 at Safulak Art Gallery  
  [P] [guitar] "Safulak Night" by David Chen 11/09 (Sunday) 6:30PM at Safulak Cafe  
"Dragon" Hector Saunier Nanri Tomoko "Flow" Taipei Dance Circle Halloween - Pumpkin Boat Activity
  [E] [oil painting] "Safulak Cafe" Residency Artist Nanri Tomoko 9/15~10/30 at Safulak Cafe  
    [print making] Yearly Topic Exhibition~1/6: "Mirror " Atelier Contrepoint 10/08~10/30 at Safulak Art Gallery  
  [P] [dance] "Flow" Taipei Dance Circle 10/03 (Friday) 7:30PM at Lake-View Stage  
    [guitar] "Safulak Night" by David Chen 10/07 & 10/21 (Tuesday) 7:30PM at Safulak Cafe  
  [A] [workshop] "Halloween-Pumpkin Boat Activity" 10/31 (Friday) 4:00PM at Lake-View Stage  
8P - "Living Room" 8P - Studying Room

8P - Bed Room

8P - Storage Room 8P - Kitchen
  [E] [installation] "Come To Our House to Play" 8P Opening: 09/07 2PM at Safulak Art Gallery  
  [P] [guitar] "Safulak Night" by David Chen 9/9 & 9/23(Tuesday) 7:30PM at Safulak Cafe  
JIN Fen-Hua "Leisure" 12F  
  [E] [oil painting] "Leisurely Summer" Jin Fen-Hua, Kuo Chuan-Chiu, and Hsiao Wen-Hui Exhibition 07/10~08/15  
      at Safulak Cafe  
  [E] [installation] "People to People" Creative Scarecrow Installation 04/26 ~ 5/05 at Safulak Art Village outdoor  
    [installation] "Da-Yeh University Plastic Art Major - 12 Art Workshop" at Safulak Art Gallery  
      Metal working & Lacquerwork Exhibition 04/02~04/14  
      Stone carving & Installation Exhibition 04/15~04/28  
      Painting (Group 2) Exhibition 04/29~05/12  
      Painting (Group 2) Exhibition 05/13~05/26  
      Fiber Art & Pottery Exhibition 05/27~06/09  
      Clay sculpture & Bamboo Art Exhibition 06/10~06/22  
  [P] [dance] Taipei Dance Circle 04/19 7:30PM at Lake-View Stage  
  [A] [workshop] DIY Classes 04/12~05/31 at Safulak Art Gallery Outdoor  
  [E] [installation] "Hu-SSu-Luan-Hsiang" 7-dollars 01/18 ~ 03/30 at Safulak Art Gallery  
  [P] [harmonica] National Hsin-Chu Teachers Collage / National Chiao Tung University Student Harmonica Group  
      03/23 2PM at Lake-View Stage